Мод «Collection of WW2 Weapons» для Ravenfield (Build 14)

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  1. Mike

    Thanks guys, I learn with you, I met 5 new words for me

  2. Caboose

    Mellamomellamo The ads on the page were put there by the owners of this website. It's not KleoSan's fault and he's not trying to profit from it. He just wants to give people who can't download from steam a chance to play with some of the mods.

  3. Mellamomellamo

    You know,this pisses me off more than most other things on my life.Not only you are taking my work (and erazer's,martino's,hans and jay's work,because they are all beautiful people who are developing this with me),but you are also profeteering out of it with this stupid page's ads.

    And yes,i'm the guy who made the mod

    1. KleoSan Ответ

      Thank you for the cool mod! Unfortunately, not everyone can download mods from Steam. 

      1. Mellamomellamo Ответ

        That's not an excuse to earn money using my work

        1. KleoSan Ответ

          Lay out the mod on the file sharing service and I will change the links.

          1. Руслан Воронюк Ответ

            Kleosan обновите этот мод на день победы 4 Мод «Apres Moi Le Deluge» для Hearts of Iron 4  до версии 1.6.х.Мод на этот день работает на версии 1.5.х почему на сайте написано проверенно на версии 1.6.х если вылетает на создание флагов перезалейте пожалуйста

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